Outreach to our VR press, youtube and twitch contacts.

Game testing (Usability, Performance, Gameplay, Finding Bugs and more)

Community management and social media channel management (steam store page, reddit, twitter, facebook, etc.)

Consulting on how to market the game (Creating a roadmap)

Actively developing features (helping with development)

Creating assets

Managing ad campaigns (reddit, adwords etc.)

Creating music & sound effects

Creating trailer / videos

Creating a custom website


We know that the VR community is small and indie developers struggle to invest money in marketing or other needs (we experienced everything ourselves, so we know how you feel).

We want to calculate the best price, which depends on your needs. So do not hesitate to contact us. We do not want to be a big publisher, we want to act as a valuable marketing partner, therefore the cost here will be reasonable for an indie developer.

It is also possible to work with us on a revenue share basis. The amount shared also depends on your needs.

Fixed Service Image

Fixed Service

Choose one service or more services. We will discuss with you what you need and create an individual offer.

Marketing Partner Image

Marketing Partner

As a marketing partner you will be added to our website, where you have access to certain exclusive information, such as the full list of VR contacts and more. We will provide weekly reports on the work we do and on the progress of your game. The price here varies, it depends on the services you choose and the duration.

Publishing Image


We will use all resources we have to publish your game. We will invest money into your project and create an individual contract based on revenue share.

This can be anything, were information about your game can be found, f.e., own website, steam etc.