About Us

We are a small young team, which not only has experience in marketing, but in development. We have created and marketed our own VR Title: Dungeons & Treasure VR. Before that we also had a small VR title called Nature's Wrath VR. Dungeons & Treasure VR will also take part in Germany's Game of the Year Award . We are very interested, curious and eager to try out new things in VR. Before VR caught our attention we have been on the market creating different web applications and portals, such as "MySugardaddy" or "monteurzimmer-1a". Right now we experiment with a social VR application based on our communities.

For over a year now we are fully focusing on VR game development. While we are in the VR industry we have created many contacts to different people, therefore we can assist you with different tasks/services.

If you need to contact us, use: contact@sdc-gaming.com